Have you figured out if your farm is exempt, qualified exempt, or needs to be in compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act Produce Safety Rule (FSMA PSR)?  This rule impacts farms selling over $25,000 worth of produce on an average year.  The Rutgers On-Farm Food Safety Team has been providing the required grower training for the FSMA PSR and offering technical assistance to help growers comply.  The team also partners with the New Jersey Department of Agriculture to offer On-Farm Readiness Reviews (OFRRS) which are a voluntary, free, and confidential assessment of your readiness for a FSMA PSR inspection.  We encourage growers to sign up for online FSMA PSR trainings this winter, and for OFRRs during the growing season.  The NJDA began educational inspections for the FSMA PSR in 2019 on the states largest farms and the 2021 growing season will include inspections for all farms who must comply with the rule.

To determine if your operation needs to comply with the rule visit:  https://onfarmfoodsafety.rutgers.edu/produce-safety-rule/

To learn more about the FSMA PSR and resources for compliance visit: https://onfarmfoodsafety.rutgers.edu/food-safety-modernization-act/

To sign up for grower produce safety trainings visit, new this year are 1 hour free webinars on priority topics for NJ growers  Rutgers Cooperative Extension Events | Eventbrite

To schedule a confidential On-Farm Readiness Review contact charlotte.muetter@ag.nj.gov

To learn more about NJDA and the FSMA PSR Inspections visit and see the document at the following link: https://nofanj.org/02-09-21-njda_fsma_producenews_7-975x10_color_v2_lettuce/

Have questions that the above resources don’t answer?  Reach out to Rutgers Cooperative Extension Agricultural Agents and FSMA PSR technical assistance providers Meredith Melendez melendez@njaes.rutgers.edu or Wesley Kline wkline@njaes.rutgers.edu