Beginning Farmer Resources from NOFA & SADC

  • Access to Land and Farming Opportunities – Resources –
    • NOFA-NJ Online Classifieds – – There are often listings for interns/apprentices/working on a farm (the pathway to entry involving working on a farm first to gain experience, and then starting your own farm after that).
    • NOFA-NJ Open Houses (monthly) – This event, typically the fourth Wednesday of the month, provides a good opportunity to get to know other farmers and learn more about NOFA-NJ and its programs.
      • Contact Nagisa Manabe (cc’d), NOFA-NJ Executive Director, for more information on their open houses and other events (including webinars). NOFA-NJ also helps administer the NJ Land Link website with the State Agriculture Development Committee (SADC).
    • County Board of Agriculture meetings (monthly) – Local word of mouth, and talking to farmers and people locally, can be effective for finding farming opportunities. Another way to do this is by visiting County Boards of Agriculture. For more information on when a county board meets (monthly), contact a county’s Rutgers County Ag Agent:
  • NJ Business Action Center –
    • This site has general information (not farm-specific) about starting and growing a business in New Jersey.