2021 Assistant High tunnel/Low tunnel & market gar

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Ironbound Farm located in Hunterdon County is a 108 Acre preserved farm in the Highlands region of New Jersey. Our farm is a diversified operation which practices Regenerative Agriculture. The property consists of 45 acres of forest and wetlands and 50 Acres of Silvopastured orchards integrated with annual crops, livestock, infusion fruits, herbs and flowers. Additionally, we have about half an acre of high tunnels and low tunnels for year-round production of salad greens and roots. Our farm is also the home of Ironbound Hard Cider and a tasting room where we are producing ciders year-round, have lunch and dinner service seasonally, private and public events and educational activities. For the 2021 Farming season we are looking for a group of hardworking and eager to learn individuals to join our team. The individuals we hope to hire are team players, good communicators, critical thinkers and problem solvers. Willing to work rain or shine and in some cases from sunup to sundown. Market Garden high & low tunnel assistant manager: Prerequisites: 1. 2+ years of farming experience 2. Experience working in heated and unheated greenhouses 3. Experience with season extension 4. Experience working with hand tools & market garden tools i.e. BCS We are looking for an individual to help run our market garden as well as our several heated and non-heated high tunnels and low tunnels. On our farm we produce roughly 15 acres of annual crops and manage them in a few different fashions. All our specialty greens, salad mixes, and bunched roots we farm in an intensive ‘market garden fashion’ without tractors or machinery other than a BCS tractor. Most of this style of growing takes place inside our tunnels along side our trellised summer crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and eggplant. We also grow some niche crops like ginger in our tunnels for infusions for our Hard Cider and seltzers. We are producing food in our tunnels 365 days a year which means that there is a myriad of skills needed for this job due to its intensive nature. This role involves the following: 1. 35-50 hours a week year-round 2. Daily monitoring of temperatures and humidity in growing spaces 3. Working with a BCS and its attachments 4. Working with various hand tools such as a tilther, tine rake, hand hoes, paper pot transplanter 5. Manual bed preparation 6. Hand transplanting 7. Lower and lean trellising techniques 8. Greenhouse crop fertility 9. Greenhouse crop pest and disease management 10. Greenhouse IPM 11. Knowledge of inside irrigation mechanisms 12. Knowledge of greenhouse ventilation 13. Constant communication with propagation greenhouse team to keep up with succession plantings 14. Constant communication with wash/pack and harvest crew 15. Knowledge of using remay, tarps, caterpillar tunnels 16. Ability to be a team player and work well and closely with others. 17. Participation in all other farm activities as needed and as time allows.