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Beginning Farmer Opportunities

The future of farming in New Jersey is under threat due to development pressure and the need to connect a new generation of farmers with the land. NOFA-NJ has developed a four-tiered Beginning Farmer Program, with the goal of increasing the numbers of farmers while bringing more farmland into sustainable agricultural production. The program is based on four principles of becoming a farmer: (1) Exploring (2) Planning (3) Learning and (4) Practicing. The first tier is focused on courses, including “Exploring the Small Farm Dream” and “Tilling the Soil of Opportunity,” that allow individuals to clarify their agricultural goals, assess their resources, and create a viable business plan.

Exploring the Small Farm Dream
Is a career in agriculture right for you? Find out what it takes to be a small-scale farmer!

Hear from the Instructor

Tilling the Soil of Opportunity
Prepare a professional business plan to improve your management, increase your profits and target your markets!

Road to Certification
This class outlines the steps to organic certification and the requirements, as set forth by the National Organic Program. Participants will learn how to prepare an organic farm plan and where to locate resources for organic farming.

Additional Farmer Opportunities

Running a successful farm requires many skills and is a large responsibility. NOFA-NJ strives to prepare and hone the skills of New Jersey’s beginning farmers through education. Subsequent tiers of education focus on linking participants with mentor farmers, our Journey Person Program. We also offer continuing education opportunities throughout the year through our Farm Tour Program, workshops throughout the year, and our Annual Winter Conference, now preparing for its 36th Year! Have a course idea? Contact us!