Education Committee

Committee Purpose

The Education Committee carries a broad responsibility, from brainstorming programming ideas, to collecting suggestions for future speakers and activating volunteers to assist with hosting workshops and gatherings.  With over thirty years of actively fostering educational opportunities, NOFA NJ always needs interested committee members to assess and consider the effectiveness of our Programming. 

We have developed Education “Tracks” e.g. Beginning Farmer, Advanced Farming and Gardener Tracks, to help folks decide if the workshop is appropriate to their interests.  The Committee also assesses if our programming is reaching the audience it is intended for, and do we have enough programming to reach all the Audiences that we can.  Some of the Educational Focus NOFA NJ has sustained over the years are below:

  • On-Farm Workshops / Twilight Meetings
  • Special Classes such as Organic Land Care, Exploring the Small Farm Dream, Road to Certification, Tractor Maintenance and Organic Gardening Course.
  • Journey Person Program
  • Book Club
  • Public Movies on Organic Ag topics
  • Fielding technical questions from the public.

More recently, NOFA NJ has added a Monthly Organic Open House, the last Wednesday of each month, to provide a space for our community to Gather around a specific topic, guest or just to have a reason to stay connected or bring new members into the conversations.


Resources & Links


As part of Delaware Township Elementary School's Earth Day Fair, NOFA NJ attended and shared simple Vermicomposting techniques to turn food waste into fertilizer for the farm and garden. Below are some additional links and resources to continue learning and dive...

Growing in the Garden State

Growing in the Garden State

For those who have not heard about our special 2021 project, "Growing in the Garden State," we share this post so you can learn about it and get involved.  We have assembled generous organic farms, skilled vegetable gardeners to share their gardening know-how and...