Educational Programming

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The core of NOFA-NJ’s mission is education. NOFA-NJ offers educational workshops and courses for farmers, gardeners and consumers. Ranging from technical farmer Twilight Meetings during the growing season to hands-on food preservation workshops for home gardeners, education events are held in various locations around the state and instructed by experienced, knowledgeable teachers. We also host professional certification courses in partnership with other groups like the NOFA Organic Land Care program developed by NOFA Connecticut.
Now in its 27th year, NOFA-NJ hosts an Annual Winter Conference, the region’s premiere organic agriculture and growing educational event. The Conference draws over 500 farmers, gardeners, policy-makers, and consumers together to learn from inspiring and world-renowned speakers, educational break-out sessions, the latest research and policy updates, resources tables and technical demonstrations, and great networking opportunities among fellow organic advocates, ‘foodies’ and farmers.

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Photo Release
Registering for NOFA-NJ programs provides NOFA-NJ permission to publish in print, electronic, or video format the likeness or image of attendees (over the age of 18). By registering for our programs, you release all claims against NOFA-NJ with respect to copyright ownership and publication, including any claim for compensation related to the use of the materials. Please contact us if you have any issue with this release: 908-371-1111.