Building a High Tunnel

1. Learn about building a High Tunnel through this resource page.

2. Review powerpoint presentation from our workshop on December 1 that shares some overall information about the steps. There is also a fact sheet about NJ regulation.

3. Explore the NRCS module that explains the process for application for their EQIP Program and well as a fact sheet.

4. Watch a video where we share the steps on building produced by Kennette Productions and shared by John Klein, an expert builder with 58 years of experience.

5. Are you searching for a High Tunnel Supplier? Click Here for a list. Finally, there are a few excerpts from the manual: Assembly Overview, Installing Ends, Installing Film and Wire Lock.

Are you ready to grow and get inspired? Check out this excellent video of Jess Niederer growing lettuce in a high tunnel, it gives you an idea of the potential of this investment. Many thanks to our friends at Rutgers Cooperative Extension for creating this video series.