Our first virtual General Assembly concluded with milestone decisions, and the GA minutes are available for your reference. 

We are happy to share the draft minutes of the General Assembly (GA) 202, and the first virtual one of its kind, in your Member Area.

Before the GA, many of you joined the Organic World Congress 2021 sharing experiences and debating the way forward for our sector. There were also several pre-conferences as well as the #IGrowYourFood action day.

We thank all members who made the virtual GA journey with us this year.  An extraordinary experience where we experienced new ways of interaction!

The GA 2021 took milestone decisions:

  1. You elected a new World Board and decided that the Organic World Congress 2024 will be held in Tunisia. This brings the global organic sector to Africa for the second time since 1989 in Ouagadougou.
  2. The GA approved a total of 23 motions, 7 presented by the World Board and 16 presented by the membership. Together with the new World Board, we are working on an implementation plan.

Some of the GA decisions have a long-term impact on the IFOAM Network and its membership, among them the motion about One Membership (W55) and the motion about Decentralised Fee Setting (W56). You will certainly hear soon from us in this regard.

The Draft GA 2021 minutes, available in your Member Area, has been confirmed by the two referees. The minutes reflect the decisions taken by the GA, for your reference. The General Assembly 2024 in Tunisia will approve the 2021 GA minutes.

In closing, you may know that we are currently facing financial challenges.  We thank you for the donations received so far. If you have not yet had a chance to support our fundraising efforts, you will find the details needed here.

Next year we celebrate our 50th anniversary! You will soon hear more about our plans and how you can contribute!

We look forward to working with you on bringing true sustainability to food and farming!

Best wishes, Louise Luttikholt

Executive Director of IFOAM – Organics International


Author: Devin