A challenge to all backyard gardeners, managing pest populations helps to ensure a healthy ecosystem and productive yields. There are a number of different ways to manage garden pests without using pesticides. Implement IPM strategies such as identification, monitoring, and intervention.  Always inspect your plants to correctly identify the pest. Monitor vulnerable areas for pests and keep records of natural control systems. You can then decide which prevention and control methods would work best.  Physical prevention entails covering the plants, cultivating the soil, and maintaining a well-kept garden. Biological control methods attempt to decrease pest numbers by introducing native beneficial and predatory insects. Chemical treatments include the use of pheromones . Each control method has its disadvantages and advantages, make sure you have decided to utilize the control method that is the most beneficial.

Beyond Pesticides has a good resource for pest control based on identification, check out Least-Toxic Control of Pests in Lawns/Gardens/Landscapes