NOFA NJ JourneyPerson Program

Growin’ Folx Farm

Growin’ Folx, LLC (also known as Growin’ Folx Farm) is a 1st generation family-owned business venture that engages the power of agriculture and the arts in contribution to the global efforts of hunger & poverty eradication, while also serving as a conduit to build just pathways to communal self-agency & food sovereignty for all. Growin’ Folx Farm provides organic produce for sale to market and community distribution (farm to table) for communities in need of access to nutritious food options, as well as creative education & workshopping around organic agriculture and agro-ecological practices for metropolitan youth, aspiring growers and farming/gardening enthusiasts.

Mentor Needs:

  • Interest in Urban Realities and the importance of connecting small scale farmers with Land Access. A non-traditional educator with practical farming experience and an easygoing but committed attitude is a priority.
  • Investigation into Growin’ Folx’s story, attention to what they are doing (easy because they are active social media posters), and promotion of their journey will yield great content and inspiration for others.
  • Active engagement, education and moral support