Professor Emeritus of Plant Pathology at Purdue University

For 55 years Dr. Huber has focused on the epidemiology and control of soilborne plant pathogens with emphasis on microbial ecology, cultural and biological controls, nutrient-disease interactions, pesticide-disease interactions, physiology of host-parasite relationships and techniques for rapid microbial identification. He has focused his work on the effects of Glyphosate(the main ingredient in Monsantos’s Round Up) on biological systems in soil and humans alike.


Dan Kittredge, Founder, Bionutrient Food Association

Founder & Executive Director of the Bionutrient Food Association, and lifelong-farmer, Dan Kittredge will be presenting an intensive workshop updating attendees with the exciting progress of the Bionutrient Meter prototype, a hand-held device that anyone can use to flash a light at food and discern levels of nutrient density, or a farmer can use in the field to determine relative crop quality. Under the banner of the Real Food Campaign, it is the goal of the BFA that such a tool made widely-available could be a consumer-driven catalyst to revolutionize the food system. Overtly focusing on nutritive value in crops – flavor, aroma, and their corollaries – could be a high ground around which the larger food movement can coalesce is an idea that Dan will explore in his presentation. But how do we get there? How do we empirically determine quality? And how do we grow it? In short, the health of our soils, and a regenerative, biologically-focused agriculture is the necessary foundation to growing nutrient-rich food, community health and ecological health. Not to be missed!