A new ordinance passed in Eatontown, NJ allows residence to keep 5 chickens in their backyard lot of at least 5,000 square feet.  An additional chicken can be kept for every additional 1,000 square feet.  The maximum number of chickens is 12 for 12,000 square feet. Residents of Eatontown interested in keeping backyard chickens must receive a zoning permit, pay an annual license of $25 and attend an educational workshop on keeping chickens. In partnership with the Monmouth County Extension, NOFA-NJ will be offering a workshop on keeping backyard chickens. Taught by Dr. Joseph Heckman, NOFA-NJ Board Member and Rutgers Professor, the class will focus on ordinance requirements and the proper care of chickens.

Read more about the ordinance: http://wordontheshore.com/eatontowns-backyard-chicken-ordinance-officially-adopted-cms-5900

Register for the class here: https://nofanj.org/event/backyard-chickens-with-joseph-heckman-phd/