2020-2021 was a period of tremendous upheaval for our country, our state and for organic agriculture in the Garden State.

Local communities across New Jersey recognized the value of local organic agriculture during a global pandemic, while awareness grew regarding the fragility of our national food supply chain. Many local farms experienced surges in demand, particularly at the start of the pandemic. We celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of our farms, who rapidly created a new standard in fresh food delivery, creating consumer friendly, easy to use websites and delivery across the state.

This stands in sharp contrast to the large and growing numbers of Food Insecure in New Jersey. Nearly 1 in 8 households will struggle to find enough food this week.

We are very grateful for the support of our membership, donors and partner network, without whom this year’s programming would not have been possible. In this report we measure the impact that NOFA-NJ made on Organic Agriculture in New Jersey during the past year, despite the disruptions to our non-profit model during the year-long sequester:

  • We review our projects against our mission, vision and goals;
  • We recap the improvement and changes enacted this year;
  • We recognize our funders, supporters, and beneficiaries;
  • We celebrate the achievements of staff and volunteers; and
  • Share an update on Grant Funding.

Thank you for the privilege of serving you, our NOFA-NJ Membership, For a more detailed Report

Nagisa Manabe, Executive Director, NOFA-NJ

Author: Devin