NOFA- NJ  wants to recognize and celebrate our New Jersey farmers, the volunteers and supporters of the following organizations.  Farmers sometimes grow crops specifically for donation to Food Pantry’s and sometimes volunteers glean crops to gather extra bounty.  Sometimes farmers have extra produce that isn’t sold, and Community Organizations will collect the Produce, and distribute it to folks in need.
Productive farmland is critically important to all New Jersey residents, from food production as well as one of the largest sources of the scenic vistas we all enjoy throughout the year. Productive farmland covers 720,000 plus acres.
When we partner with our NJ farmers, community organizations, church communities and other non-profits, it creates a sustaining human network, while giving the farmers greater venues to share their knowledge, promote their produce and goods.
Donated Produce, Volunteer Gleaning and Supporting Food Security Organizations make NJ strong!  Please check out these Organizations to offer your support and encouragement, join in the volunteer days and remember that NJ Farmers are growing for us!

· Rolling Harvest,
· Farmers Against Hunger,
· Local Share,