Noble Farm Mushroom Workshop

Ayeesha Dolassa shared her knowledge on Mushrooms with our community in April 2021.  Notes and Resources below.

Please see the video posted on the NOFA NJ You Tube Channel


 Grow Mushrooms In…

  • Wood Blocks
  • Buckets
  • Biodegradable plastic bags Unicorn
  • Indoor Greenhouse
  • Shed or Shipping Container

Equipment Considerations: No Watering but humidity needed 80-95% relative Humidity

  • “Sensor Push”
  • Misters like Drip works (Uses water line pressure)
  • Aeromisters (uses Pump)
  • Fogger or UltraSonic misters House of Hydro

Ideal Fruiting Temperature Ranges: 50-55 65-75

Concerns to watch For: Contamination, green mold, fungus gnats, pleasing beatles

A Future Course: Steps to getting to Mycelium Blocks Phase 2