“We recognize and acknowledge, our Environmentally Focused colleagues – New Jersey Conservation Foundation, NJ Sierra, Delaware Riverkeeper Network, Environment NJ, Clean Water Action, Sourland Conservancy, Berks Gas Truth, and Sunrise Hunterdon among others – in opposition to the PennEast Pipeline,” said Mike Rassweiler, president of NJ’s Northeast Organic Farm Association (NOFA-NJ), one of the Garden State’s principal organizations advocating soil health practices.

“The actions of large corporations, taking control of land, whether it is Public Parks, or Small or Medium scale Farmers, Homesteaders or even willing sellers, must be weighed by the impacts.  Do we need More Non Renewable Fossil Fuels, or do we want to stop thoughtless destruction of the Eco-system?” Rassweiler asks.

The NOFA-NJ Policy Committee endorses that NOW is the time for Governments and Regulatory Agencies to Advocate for Agriculture and for Protection of the Environment – We should not allow massive disturbances of our social and environmental Ecology, and Projects that are derided by the Environmental Advocates we believe in, must be critically assessed and rejected if they are not taking us on a path of healing and stability.

The NOFA-NJ Policy Committee encourages readers to check out some of the links below, to learn a little bit more about the PennEast Pipeline, the Government and Public Process, and we are grateful to the organizations and Individuals who serve our future, by calling out actions, that should be confronted.

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