Policy Committee

Committee Purpose

Since its inception in 1985, NOFA-NJ has shaped the organic and sustainable growing movement in New Jersey and nationally through policy action, events and outreach actions. In cooperation with many partners and coalitions in all arenas of the food and environmental realm, NOFA-NJ’s policy work has contributed to the national organic standards, initial establishment of the New Jersey organic certification program and the promotion and development of the best farming practices, soil health and soil health policy.

NOFA-NJ’s policy work efforts work to:

– Increase access to land opportunities for beginning and new farmers,

– Encourage policies and regulations that support and incentivize sustainable farms and farmers,

– Increase economic opportunities with technical training for sustainable farmers, inclusive of BIPOC farmers.

-Offer support for the government entities that support sustainable growing practices in urban and rural settings including programs within the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service(NRCS), NJ Department of Agriculture(NJDA), NJ Farm Bureau, and Rutgers Cooperative Extension and Experiment Stations throughout the state.

– Encourage policies that support the growing body of evidence that organic farming practices can mitigate climate change through carbon sequestration farming methods.

We, at NOFA- NJ want to keep you informed as to the current national, state and local agricultural and social justice policy proposals currently occurring.  We do not participate in any particular political party associations or actions.

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