Resource Library - READ

Transitioning to Organic and Organic Management Practices
1. Read our Information on the Road to Certification.

2. Read this manual on Crop Rotation from Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education.

3. NRCS Conservation with Organic Farming Practices

Controlling Weeds and Pests
1. Subscribe to this Plant and Pest Advisory from Rutgers University
Soil Health, Climate Adaption and Conservation
1. Read this article & attached video about Soil Carbon Restoration from NOFA-MA.

2. Learn about Agricultural Recycling Resources from the NJDA

Climate Change
  1. Read this article on precipitation change from the US Global Change Research Program.
  2. Learn about these great new tools from Cornell on Climate Smart Farming.
  3. Read this Assessment of Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies from the Northeast and Northern Forests Regional Climate Hub.
  4. Read this climate report from NASA. 
  5. Read these reports from the EPA.
    1. Basic Information
    2. Farming and Food Supply
  6. Read the results of the New England Adaption Survey.
  7. Read this report on Climate Smart Agriculture from the FAO.
  8. Look at this website about Climate Smart Farming from Cornell.
    1. Tools 
  9. Explore the USDA Climate Regional Hub.
Labor Practices and Mentorship
  1. Download the Argicultural Justice Project’s complete farmer toolkit here, or download parts of it below.
    1. Farmer Toolkit Table of Contents.
    2. Part 1: Getting Started.
    3. Part 2: Safety and Conflict Resolution.
    4. Part 3: Minors and Interns.
    5. Part 4: Buyer Relations, Fair Pricing, and Contracts
  2. Information on Living Wages.
    1. Living Wage Calculator
    2. Living Wage Guidance from the AJP
    3. Living Wage Worksheet
  3. Handout Detailing Employee Rights.
    1. In English
    2. In Spanish
  4. CATA/Farmworker Support Commitee website.
  5. For On Farm Mentors try this page on the NESFI site.
Can’t seem to find a resource on the internet or at the library? Whether you are looking for animal care, homesteading, organic farming advice, or information on food systems, NOFA-NJ may have your resource! Here is a listing of practical resource books, binders, and movies that NOFA-NJ can share with you from our lending library! NOFA-NJ Office Library Currently closed due to the pandemic, but will hopefully re-open Fall 2021. To request a resource please reach out to or call 908-371-1111.