Media Master Combo Media Mixer/Flat Filler.  Originally designed as a bale buster/ filler, at our request the manufacturer Wilmer Hoover of Lancaster County PA modified the unit’s design and added mixing paddles to allow the unit to mix media.  Does a great job at both mixing and filling.  Originally purchased 3 years ago through Nolt’s Greenhouse Supplies,  Ephrata, PA for $9500.  Asking $6500 OBO.

Needle Seeder, manufactured by Little’s Machinery Inc., Concord, NC.  Very nice unit, ready to work.  Comes with compressor and set of needles.  The design concept for this unit is interesting.  Little designed an automated seeder unit using components (still) commonly available from Graingers and laboratory needles and fittings very widely available.  The unit is easily adjustable for different sized 1020 style plug flats.  It will automatically feed and advance the flat, dibble, seed each flat row and then kick the flat out onto a 10 foot long UHMW guided slide, where an operator then manually covers the seed.   Singulation is effected by choice of needle size and adjustable vacuum pressure drawing seed to the needles.   Comes with spare parts. $3500 OBO.

Stainless Steel greenhouse flat washer manufactured by Javo, Netherlands with sales office located in Georgia, USA.  Stainless steel, simple to use & maintenance-free. This machine is adjustable and can be used for virtually any type and size of greenhouse flat.  The tray cleaner has a pair of opposing, fast-rotating spray manifolds with nozzles which are driven by a non-dedicated commonly available pressure washer (not included).   The continuous moving conveyor belt has a special profile (cleats) and adjustable speed.  Capable of cleaning 600 flats per hour.    This is a nice piece of equipment.  Runs on US standard house voltage 120 VAC, 60HZ.  $5000 OBO.

Stainless Steel Double Bubble Washer.  SS roller conveyor mounted between two 1000 gallon milk tanks set up with manifolds as bubble washers.  Transfer conveyor is adjustable speed and equipped with trash cleanout.  Milk tanks were modified with enlarged 4” diameter stainless steel drains for easy cleaning.  Good for bunch crops and head lettuce.  Includes blowers and in-fill plumbing. $5000 OBO.

Stainless Steel harvest lug/tote washer, mfg by A&B Packing Equipment, Lawrence, MI. Adjustable for common sizes of plastic harvest totes. Throws tons of water under pressure through angle adjustable nozzles.  Bought new in 2013 for $18,000.  $12,000 OBO.

SS Triple Washer 3 ‘ x 12.5’, mfd by Charlie’s Machine & Supply for washing any loose leafy greens.  Includes 30” X 15’ SS mixing conveyor, 18.5” X 7.5’ SS inclined in-feed conveyor, heavy duty SS spin dryer using 32 gallon perforated buckets,  7.5’ X 4.5’ SS inclined sorting and weighing table with built-in end funnels and scales and a Dosatron injector used for Sanidate.  $39,500 for package OBO.

All equipment used at Honey Brook Organic Farm, Chesterfield, NJ.  Call/text Jim at (609)954-8960.  Can deliver to your farm!

  • Contact Name : James F Kinsel