The Farm at Natirar supplies produce to our Ninety Acres restaurant and banquet facility.  It is a unique feature that sets Natirar apart from other culinary destinations. Sustainably growing, harvesting, preparing, and enjoying food on-site are among our deepest values.

The Farm Manager has the responsibility of managing all tasks related to the operation and management of the Natirar Farm.  The Farm Manager will work closely with the Master Farmer and the management team to support the culinary team with crops and animals.  This role will contribute to the organization as an active business partner that is responsible for supporting the company’s goals, objectives, vision, mission and values.

Major areas if responsibility/management include, but are not limited to:

  • Collaborates with the culinary team to develop the yearly crop plan for the season.   Develop a plan for outdoor season extension as well as a fully cold season plan for the heated greenhouse.
  • Create and implement a seeding plan for each season
  • Prepare all fields, raised beds and the greenhouse for seeds and transplants. Tasks to include the mowing & tilling winter cover crops, soil enhancement with compost, laying plastic where appropriate.
  • Monitor and develop weed and pest control plans.
  • Design and install drip line irrigation system for the greenhouse, raised beds and fields.  Ensure a watering plan for seasonal watering of crops.
  • Plan and execute harvest
  • Supervise and support Farm Attendants
  • Incorporate organic practices into all aspects of farm operations including a compost program that ensures composted soil is void of weed seeds and debris not compostable.  Ensure that all compostable receptacles from the restaurant are emptied into the compost on a timely basis and the piles are systematically turned to promote decomposition, monitoring the soil temperature and composition.
  • Ensure all farm equipment and vehicles are maintained and in good condition.
  • Work with management regarding purchasing and budgets.
  • Coordinate with the culinary team to determine the type and quantity of animals they would like and combine this with the organic needs of the farm
  • Supervise animal care to include feeding, a grazing schedule (including the planting of forage crops), coups and shelters maintenance, proper fencing, securing animals at night, sheep shearing and veterinary care.


  • High School diploma or equivalent education required
  • Minimum of 5 years farm management experience
  • Knowledge of food production techniques, organic farming experience preferred
  • Experience working with and caring for animals
  • Ability to work outdoors in all weather conditions
  • Previous supervisory experience preferred
  • Ability to follow directions well, make quick decisions, and keep organized while under pressure
  • Must have positive attitude, be self-motivated, polite, energetic and a willing learner
  • Excellent teamwork and communication skills

  • Contact Name : Susan Donnellan
2 Main Street Peapack, NJ,07977,NJ