Location: Gloucester County, New Jersey


We are looking for beginning farmers/entrepreneurs to partner with and advance our goals of successfully transitioning to full time farmers. It has always been our dream to make a living farming. Not coming from agricultural backgrounds, we have pursued other careers while building up land, equipment, and resources to farm. We find ourselves at a point where successful careers do not allow the time necessary, or available when needed (as is necessary in agriculture) to successfully operate a farm.

We are searching for some experienced, ambitious beginning farmers looking to start their own farm to partner with, as we hope to create a successful agricultural business. We have a significant land base of 70 acres, and equipment necessary for small to medium scale vegetable farming. In addition, we have capital to invest into the business as needed. We are hoping to find some beginning farmers looking to strike out on their own with us, and help build a business together. Experience working or managing a farm or CSA would be preferred, but we are open to all ideas and backgrounds. Our experience is in growing vegetable crops, however poultry or livestock is also welcome, and would be encouraged as part of a holistic system.

We believe our land base may make it possible to manage multiple enterprises or businesses. Complementary opportunities are also encouraged. If you or someone you know would like to start and grow a business and is looking for an opportunity to do so, please get in contact with us!

  • Contact Name : William