Greenflash Farm is a 105-acre diversified farm in Skillman, NJ. Established in 2015, we
currently have a flock of approximately 100 pastured chickens and 30 sheep (ewes & rams).
Our animal products are sold via wholesale and retail markets in the greater Princeton area.
We are currently seeking a full-time property manager and groundskeeper to oversee the
property and perform the following duties:


Animal care and support, including:
 Feed chickens, sheep, and barn cats, and ensure clean water 2 times/day (morning &
 Maintain animal well-being, including clean coops, barns, and fresh pasture
 Twice daily egg collection- date, wash, and store eggs as directed
 Move and maintain electric fencing and solar batteries

Tractor work, including:
 Rotate animals and their housing on pasture as needed, up to once/week in summer
 Mow/maintain 3 large pastures ranging from 15 – 30 acres in size as needed and to
facilitate movement of animals

Additional job duties and requirements:
 Operate tractor and other farm equipment as required
 Routine farm maintenance including mowing pasture, weed whacking, clearing
brush, pressure washing, raking, and snow removal as needed during winter
months. Maintain grounds, barns, wash room, and equipment in safe, clean
condition, and report any issues to Owner.
 Ability to perform basic equipment maintenance, for example, regular checks of
engine fluid levels
 Maintain inventory of animal feed and communicate with owner
 Weekly wheeling of trash and recycling containers

This job is physically active and requires frequent bending, standing, and walking for
long periods of time. Must be able to lift 50 lbs regularly.

Good communication skills and an ability to anticipate and triage unexpected situations
are imperative.

 Competitive, living wage salary
 3 weeks paid time off; not to be taken between June – August
 Opportunities for on-farm housing and medical insurance after proof of good work
ethic and job success

  • Contact Name : Steven Back