Floral Encounters is a small Medicinal Herb Farm located just outside Hightstown NJ.  We are looking for an interested and hardworking person to join our farm.  We grow a wide variety of different plants mostly medicinal herbs but some specifically to attract pollinators and some specialist berries. We are also introducing new projects to increase our growing space while working at carbon sequestering and other options we can create to help with climate change and provide a safe haven for pollinators.  Employee would have the opportunity to be part most of these projects from beginning to end.


Job Description

Applicants must be local and have access to their own transportation.

We will require one weekend day, all day. We expect employee to work a 40 hour week but how those hours are made up is flexible.  Hours are not fixed but must be agreed beforehand.  They can change from week to week depending on both your and our needs.  The position is initially for the whole growing season but may extend to all year depending on how well the person fits into our farm.  Winter work will be farm related but different to summer work.

Regular tasks would including compost moving, bed preparation, planting, weeding, plant care, harvesting, field cleanup, seed cleaning and a variety of other projects that may include brush clearing, field preparation, hoop house maintenance and other special projects which vary from year to year. Our farm is diverse and varied.


COMPENSATION: Starting at $15.00/hr; workers comp will be paid.


Additional compensation.  Opportunity to learn about medicinal herbs in detail, what they look like, how they are used and in what stages and how they are harvested.  On farm teaching will be provided if person is interested.  Some vegetable produce and eggs when available.

Teaching sessions would also be available if the employee demonstrates real interest in a specific aspect of the farm or medicinal herbs.  This will only occur after a trial period so we can assess the employees interest and dedication.  Trial periods will apply to all aspects of the job and last for 2-3 months.



Some previous farming experience preferred but not required. Interest in growing and understanding medicinal herbs is highly desirable.  Applicants must be able to lift a 40 pound load and be physically fit enough to perform all the duties on a diverse farm.  They must also know how to use basic garden tools such as forks, spades, trowels, rakes etc.  They must have the ability to work and think independently, learn quickly and possess strong problem solving skills. All applicants must possess good communication skills, ability to follow direction, attention to detail, and have a good work ethic. Our farm work is highly variable, physically demanding and can be dirty. Farming does not just happen on sunny days so be prepared for heat, cold, wind, rain and anything else mother nature can throw at us. The work is highly variable and is unlikely to be the same on any day so flexibility, motivation and positivity during changing conditions and interest in farm projects is a basic necessity.  Life is never dull on a farm!


Covid considerations.

All workers on our farm have been fully vaccinated and proof will be required.  Almost all work is outside and precautions and good sanitation are used.


Interview: All qualified candidates will be asked to participate in a “trial day.” During the trial day, applicants will be interviewed by our farm owner then work alongside them and other staff at several different tasks as well as demonstrate ability to work unsupervised.  Trial day participants should come prepared to get dirty and expect to work up to 8 hours. All trial day participants will receive $60 (must stay for the whole day). Applicant(s) that are subsequently hired will be paid in full for their trial day at the regular rate.

Why do we do this?  We have found from bitter experience that some ‘applicants’ are just interested in seeing the farm and what we do.  They are not really interested in the job at all just want a ‘day out’ with compensation.  Interview days are less productive for us as we need to spend time talking to, and working with the applicant so we get less done.  We are looking for good workers who really want to work on the farm not interest seekers. We will not be imparting lots of information about medicinal herbs on trial days.  This is an interview for a job not a teaching session.


To apply please go to:


  • Contact Name : Steve Hazeldine