Phoenix Farm, a nearly 90acre parcel in the southern Allegheny foothills of PA, is seeking a long term equitable partner acting as a full-time farm manager.

Currently, the daily farm team consists of one person, Trella Dubetz, with appreciated but only occasional help from a few relatives. Therefore, cooperative support is needed going forward, and resource sharing is available.

We are in our start-up phase, and here’s what we have going on so far:

-16acres of recently planted (2019/2020) agroforestry corridors of mostly native food including raspberry, elderberry, serviceberry, pawpaw, quince, persimmon, hickory, chestnut, walnut, sugar maple, and more.

-Two plots for homestead and market gardens that total about a quarter acre. In them, we grow greens for salad and cooking, beets, carrots, radishes, summer and winter squash & pumpkins, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, meal corn, beans, and a plethora of herbs and flowers. Mushroom plots are being installed this season as well

-We are working to build a regional market for our goods.

-Educational and community workshops and events that include Grow it Yourself teaching models, Eco-historical knowledge, Eco-awareness building, land based healing workshops, pick your own/bunch your flowers, artist retreats, food + healing workshops, and more!

-A small flock of chickens are arriving this season.

We are aiming to make this homestead as self-sustaining as possible, as well as have enough produce to sustain a farm stand, join in regional CSAs and farmers’ markets, and continue the land based teaching workshops. We are still in our start-up phase, as infrastructure is being built such as a composting toilet, campsites, water and electric access to the barn and milk house, solar units, all while we continue to learn what grows best here, and how to work with the microclimate and short growing season we find ourselves in.

Resource sharing and reciprocity: 

  • Cooperative operation and business build-out: Using models like Sylvanaqua Farms, the Keystone Nut Cooperative, and the ICA Cooperative Identities, Values, and Principles (, we will build an equitable partnership for the enhancement of land and community. This will be an ongoing and evolving process that includes trial and error, patience, challenges and success, and will be determined and guided by the members. 
  • Housing: Seasonal housing is available via camping. There is plenty of room for tenting, there is one on-site 18ft camper that could sleep two comfortably, and there are also a few sites for a small to medium sized RV or camper to park. Water may be available to campers at their site depending on how far it is from the house and barn. An outdoor shower is available off the back of the house, a composting toilet is available by the barn, and a well-maintained cat hole is fine to have at tent sites farther out on the property. Year-round housing within the farm house is TBD, but may become available in late fall 2021 depending on familial dynamics and usage.   
  • Food: In addition to eating what we grow and hunt, a propane grill and fire circle is available for cooking what you like independently. Two nutritious meal+snacks will be provided either by Trella or potluck/communal style cooking. No one goes hungry on Phoenix Farm. 
  • Utilities: Water, electricity, trash removal, recycling, and wifi is covered by Phoenix Farm. 

If you’re an experienced farmer that’s been looking for land, opportunity, and are interested in building an equitable partnership, please reach out via email, text, or phone call.  We look forward to connecting with you.

  • Contact Name : Trella Dubetz
19290 Cooks Road Cassville, PA 16623,16623,PA