We have a 60 acre organic farm (not yet certified but planning to work through the process this fall). We have poultry (chickens, turkeys, guinea fowl), goats, sheep, cows, and horses. We are looking for a full-time farm manager to help us implement our vision, including navigating the organic certification process, establishing more efficient routines and set-up at the farm, developing the infrastructure for the large egg operation we will have starting in the fall, establishing relationships with buyers/stores/markets/other farms, basic animal care, expanding beyond our current set up (growing food, orchard, pigs), assisting with breeding/newborns, assisting with fencing, overall field/farm design, assisting with basic animal structures, and other tasks related to making the farm operation smooth and successful. We’d like someone who is reliable, experienced, and who is able to take charge/take action without needing direction multiple times a day. Please reach out with any questions.

  • Contact Name : Emily Cashwell
Hopewell, NJ,08525,NJ