$15/ hour for 7-15 hours per week

Grow It Green Morristown is offering a paid opportunity in a densely populated local NJ neighborhood to train with an experienced sustainable farmer to work in urban agriculture/ agroecology. This position helps address the underrepresentation of diversity in agriculture by providing a means of making a first step into new career paths. Farming is a very rewarding career and may be a job that you didn’t think was in your skill set. However, farming really is learning to take care of the land and could be for you! We are looking for someone with a high school degree minimum who may be underemployed.

Applicants will work with the Director of Agriculture & Education to build this new set of skills. We have experience training people since 2015 in the field of agriculture. You will have the opportunity to participate in the operation of diversified field crops, soil and greenhouse production at the Urban Farm in Morristown. Applicants will learn about sustainable agriculture practices and pest management recommendations that care for the land, air and animals. This apprenticeship can also give you experience in time management, working with team members, physical labor, plumbing, mechanics, environmental sustainability and landscaping.

The idea that you need a large space to produce a lot of produce is no longer true. The Urban Farm is a one acre, four season farm that produces 30,000+ lbs. of produce a year. Applicants will learn a unique set of skills that will empower them to see how an empty lot in their community can become a food hub for all. Applicants may have the opportunity to be a part of programs at the farm that teach students about where their food comes from and how to be an active participant in a more sustainable, resilient food system.

The Farm Apprentices will be responsible for assisting in food production, and helping coordinate the distribution of produce to Grow It Green Morristown’s various constituencies. Applicants are encouraged to have an interest in growing food and food justice, have confidence in multitasking and be willing to work in varying outdoor conditions while having a willingness to learn new skills to fit our unique farm setting.


  1. Assist with harvesting and vegetable production on a one-acre farm.
  2. Use sustainable farming practices that improve soil health and vegetable production.
  3. Assist with preparation of produce for storage, sales and donation.
  4. Assist with plant propagation and seed starting.
  5. Learn about tending to a small flock of hens.
  6. Follow and assist with all guidelines to ensure safety of staff and visitors.
  7. Read or view materials as provided or directed to on farming topics.

Desired Knowledge and Qualifications: Hands on physical labor is necessary- the rest of skills are desired however we are willing to train for right applicant:

  1. A desire to learn about year round vegetable production
  2. A desire to explore about how to start a farming business
  3. A desire to learn trade skills, like carpentry, plumbing, small motor machines, and irrigation setups.

Qualified candidates are:

  1. Dependable, organized, flexible and have a sense of humor
  2. Personable and enjoy working with all kinds of people, including children and an ethnically diverse community
  3. Able to work as a member of a team following all safety guidelines
  4. Able to work independently, with minimal oversight, to practice what you have learned
  5. Committed to learning about growing food
  6. Able to lift heavy loads as part of team projects (such as soil, compost, rocks, etc.)
  7. Willing to learn and share about experience at end of apprenticeship
  8. Willing to figure out method to consistently get to the farm

Job Schedule & General Terms: $15/ hour paid every 2 weeks for 20 weeks

7-15 hours/ week available immediately and extending into 2023 for the start of the 2023 season.

A typical work schedule may be flexible dependent on applicant’s availability. High school diploma necessary. Minimum age- 18- senior adults in high school will be considered.

This paid apprenticeship is an outdoor job and requires the ability to work in a variety of weather conditions that would be very necessary for a farmer, including very cold, very rainy or snowy, and potentially warmer, humid weather. On days where outdoor work is impossible or hazardous, apprentice may be asked to reschedule a workday.

This position will end with no written or implied continuance of employment after the completion of the apprenticeship which is partially funded by a Franklin Parker Excellence grant from New Jersey Conservation Foundation. Positions with Grow It Green do not include benefits and no housing is available. The accrual of paid sick leave of 1 hour for every 30 hours of work completed up to a maximum of 40 hours in a 12-month calendar year may be used after the initial 120 days of employment. Applicant would need to commit to completing the apprenticeship in the timeline set forward by May of 2023. The goal of the grant/ apprenticeship is to provide a unique learning opportunity to help create a potential pathway for careers in agriculture and agroecology for persons from a historically marginalized background or a population underrepresented in agriculture.

Apply with your resume/ CV and cover letter to jobs@growitgreenmorristown.org. In your email, please include your availability and work history. Interviews will be conducted by Farmer Shaun at Grow It Green Morristown. For more information about Grow It Green Morristown, and the program,please visit growitgreenmorristown.org and check us out on Instagram @gigmotown.

  • Contact Name: Shaun A.