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A beginning farmer is defined by the USDA as a person who has operated a farm or ranch for 10 years or less.


NOFA-NJ offers beginning farmers scholarships to attend courses, workshops and conferences that improve farming or business skills. The scholarships are limited in amount and number available. NOFA-NJ program and workshop scholarships will be internally applied. In order to be eligible for scholarships you must be a beginning farmer and a NOFA-NJ member in good standing.* Please review current opportunities and see the scholarship request form below. These scholarship funds were donated by community members through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign – thank you, donors!


Exploring the Small Farm Dream: $150 value

Have you ever thought about starting a farm? Whether your vision includes making goat cheese, selling cut flowers, or growing rare tomato varieties, this course will give you the tools to start making that dream come true. Whether you are thinking of going into farming full-time, part-time, or expanding an existing hobby farm into a business, this course will help you turn your farm dream into an actionable farm plan.

Participants will discuss current opportunities in small-scale agriculture production; explore personal objectives; assess personal and financial resources; conduct preliminary market research; and develop an action plan for pursuing their interests in food and farming. Presentations by established farmers and tours of local farms will help participants explore their ideas. This class does NOT cover technical production skills.

This class is being held March 7-29 in 5 sessions.

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