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Sourcing Health Locally

  “A Conference Collaboration of The Suppers Programs and NOFA-NJ”

Sunday, September 16, 2018
9:00 AM – 2:30 PM (Registration $48)
Suzanne Patterson Center, Princeton
45 Stockton Street, Princeton, NJ 08540

Sourcing Health Locally gathers doctors, farmers and eaters in a forum to examine key questions that relate to both health care and agricultural practices. The catastrophic rise in potentially avoidable illness — from autism to Alzheimer’s, diabetes to heart disease, depression to mental illness — relates to changes in our environment and what and how we eat. The solutions lie in close collaborations among the people who grow our food (and our immune systems), prevention-oriented health care practitioners, and us eaters who have the power to choose delicious, whole, real food. Participants will come away with a practical understanding of how to avoid inflammatory diseases and prevent and reverse endocrine disruption, cognitive losses and dementia.

The Northeast Organic Farming Association of NJ and The Suppers Programs partner to provide these workshops. The science will be presented in terms manageable for lay people. The solutions will manifest in the form of absolutely delicious, mostly locally sourced food – the food that heals.



TimeMainRoom 1/2Room 5
9:00 AM – 9:15 AMRegistration and Refreshments
9:15 AM – 9:30 AMIntroductory Remarks Dor Mullen, The Suppers Programs and Adrian Hyde, NOFA-NJ
9:30 AM – 10:30 AMKate Thomsen, MD, Q&A / Discussion
10:30 AM – 11:30 AMKeynote: Kathleen DiChiara, Q&A/Discussion
11:30 AM – 12:30 PMLunch and Address from Howard Hindin, DDS
12:30 PM – 1:30 PMAfternoon 1: Adi Benito, MDBreakout: John Paul Learn, Mandala FarmBreakout: Lee Yonish, Foundation for Airway Health
1:30 PM – 2:30 PMAfternoon 2: Amy O’Donnell, MDPractitioners’ Roundtable: Airway Health, Sleep and NutritionBreakout: Joseph Heckman, PhD, Rutgers University

Workshop Descriptions (click items for details)

Has the current Medical System got you “boxed in”??? Are you unable to get:

  • time and attention given to your concerns?
  • a call back when you have a question?
  • anyone who will take you seriously?
  • recommendations for anything other than X-rays and pharmaceuticals
  • anybody who is interested in helping you prevent disease?

Unfortunately our current medical system is based on diagnosis and disease, not on health and prevention. Today’s health professionals evaluate patients as if they were on an assembly line: assessment and recommendations are done very rapidly at different “stations” and, as one moves through the system, their individual parts are adjusted but never looked at as a whole. Medications for one condition are causing risks for another condition. A person will see several providers and still not have their real concern addressed.


Find a new model of health care. One that:

  • is patient-centered and holistic
  • uses progressive diagnostic tests and treatments
  • investigates the cause of symptoms; doesn’t just give pharmaceuticals
  • is concerned with balancing: hormones, emotions, nutritional needs, metabolic needs…
  • is structured to give time to adequately address the complexity of health issues
  • has a major focus on disease prevention and health promotion
  • cares about you as an individual!!!!

Dr Kate Thomsen believes in this new model of health care. She practices integrative medicine in Pennington, NJ. She has created a relaxed and comfortable health care setting that integrates conventional and complementary approaches. She sees the uniqueness in each of her patients and offers individualized assessments. An extensive medical history form is completed at home and reviewed prior to your visit so that your time together is efficiently spent. Each one hour consult includes an extensive discussion of your health concerns and a comprehensive physical exam. In addition to routine laboratory testing, innovative “functional medicine” testing is offered. This allows Dr. Kate to assess and treat stressed physiologic functions before they lead to overt disease. Your unique health care experience with Dr. Kate will provide you with practical and effective interventions to optimize your health.

Kathleen DiChiara was enjoying a successful career in investor relations with a Fortune 500 company when her journey began. It was at that time she developed a sudden-onset neuropathy. That eventually led into having back surgery which left her permanently disabled for life. From there, she found herself in the throes of chronic health conditions such as chronic pain and fatigue, fibromyalgia and early stages of MS. The health care model only offered up options to manage her condition. So Kathleen set out on a path of self-education, which eventually led her to FDN.

This was the beginning of a cascade of chronic disease that the conventional health care model could only offer surgeries and pharmaceuticals to “manage”.

While completing FDN, Kathleen found the principles of the DRESS for Health Success® program brought the focus back to the foundation of health. She found this to be different from even the “integrative” practitioners that still were focusing on supplementation without testing, which again left her with just “managing” her condition. Kathleen shared the most challenging part of the program was having to implement the changes while she still had unbearable pain and fatigue. Even so, she started not only applying the FDN principles on herself but also for her husband and three young children. Kathleen said, the DRESS program put her back into the driver seat of her own health!

Kathleen added, that while, the diet and exercise are still the biggest resistance for most people, in her opinion it is the most underestimated approach available to all of us! The FDN principles have allowed Kathleen to dig deeper for her complex clients. And she believes that functional nutrition offers a higher level of support by identifying the food that will support the healing process and correcting the imbalances in the body through nutritional changes.

I always seem to go back to these key phrases: “Never treat the lab test”and “listen to the client – their story has all the key details.

Kathleen has built a thriving health practice, all by word of mouth. Many of her clients are women and children with chronic conditions such as autoimmune, chronic fatigue, autism, allergies, inflammation and digestive issues.

In addition to being an FDN-P, Kathleen is also a certified Integrative Health Coach, A Bio-Individual Nutrition Practitioner, a grad of Andrea Nakayama’s Holistic Nutrition Lab. She has advanced training in bio-chemistry, immunology, and microbiome and soon will be starting her Doctorate work. She is an accomplished author, of the best-selling book – The Hidden Connection– written in 2014, with a second edition coming out this May. Kathleen is currently working on her new book called – Resilience – which has plans to be released in early 2018. Also, Kathleen is the main feature of the documentary film called Secret Ingredients. Truly amazing work Kathleen, way to go!

In her clinical practice, Dr. Benito applies the knowledge obtained through rigorous academic research and clinical training in endocrinology and distills it through the wisdom of integrative medicine. Dr. Benito’s main interest is in the prevention of endocrine disorders and sees patients with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, osteopenia (or low bone mass) and osteoporosis, metabolic syndrome, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), pre-diabetes, menopausal symptoms (including those patients with breast cancer), and patients with diabetes for an integrative treatment plan. Dr. Benito does not practice functional medicine, but an integrative approach to conventional endocrine disorders.

Perennial Gardens provide pathways to a more resilient life and environment. Do you want to grow ‘superfoods’ in your own garden? Many perennial fruits, nuts, vegetables, and herbs that we can grow ourselves offer us incredible nutrient density and health benefits.  In this workshop, you will learn to successfully and easily cultivate perennial crops that can grow in our local bioregion.  Many of these foods are some of the most expensive we will find for sale. Others are not available in any stores or farmers markets anywhere.  By investing a small amount of our time and sweat equity, we can save on our financial expenses and self-empower a more active lifestyle that supports our health and offers the benefit of nutrient dense harvests for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

With all individuals looking for solutions to the systemic illness we are experiencing as a society, we owe it to ourselves to make our own personal health the priority in our life.  Proactive solutions can lie in our backyard within arm’s reach. In this engaging and practical discussion, we will learn some of the highest value, easiest grown perennial plants that will thrive in our region.  We will talk about their habitats, their establishment, and their care.

Breathing, Sleeping & Nutrition

What do organic farming and nutritious food have to do with breathing and sleeping? Well, almost everything. In this breakout session, Lee Yonish will draw upon her youngest son’s personal story to present how nutrient-dense foods impact one’s facial development and therefore his/her airway, breathing, sleeping, behavior, and overall health. She will explain why it took over a dozen practitioners and years of appointments to learn about her son’s “obstructed airway” and what it was doing to his health. Lee will also discuss ways to determine, and what you can do, if you or someone in your family is suffering from the consequences of an obstructed airway (it’s more common than you think). Finally, she will share the wisdom and resources she’s picked up along this fascinating journey.

Amy O’Donnell, MD will present on some of the dietary and lifestyle changes we can make to help preserve cognitive function.  She will focus on Dale Bredesen’s book The End of Alzheimer’s from the point of view of a neurologist, a mom, and an advocate of natural foods and healthful behaviors as a path to a more vibrant life.  Dr. Bredesen’s protocol highlights 36 reversible causes of cognitive decline. Dr. O’Donnell will go over some of the steps that you can take to protect your brain, many of which involve simple dietary and lifestyle modifications.

Lee Yonish, Adi Benito, MD, and Howard Hindin, DDS of the Foundation for Airway Health will lead a discussion among airway/sleep/nutrition practitioners and take questions from the audience.

The Organic Struggle For Fresh Food from Fertile Soil

Eating is said to be an agricultural act. Current trends show that what people want to eat is placing new demands on the agricultural industrial complex. There are questions and concerns about fresh locally grown vs imported foods, organic vs conventional, hydroponic vs grown in living soil, livestock in confinement or raised outside on pasture, raw dairy vs pasteurized, and of course pesticide residues. Food isn’t just food: farming practices matter.

Dr. Joseph R. Heckman, PhD, is a Professor of Soil Science at Rutgers University and Board member of NOFA-NJ. He teaches courses in Soil Fertility, Organic Crop Production, and Agroecology at Rutgers and conducts research and extension programs on optimizing nutrition and soil quality in support of plant, animal, and human health. Dr. Heckman has served as Associate Editor of the Journal of American Society for Horticultural Science; Chair of the Council on History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Soil Science; and Chair of the Committee on Organic and Sustainable Agriculture. Dr. Heckman is past President of the Northeast Branch of the Crops, Soils, and Agronomy Tri-Societies.