Why Organic?

The current pandemic shines a light on the importance of a resilient, local, food system.  So, for all of you who are our best spokespeople for organic in the Garden State, we share this reminder.  

Why Support Local Organic? 

Organic agriculture helps to protect the environment. Organic farming uses practices that build the soil, and healthy soil grows plants naturally resistant to insect damage. Organic farming helps us become independent from fossil fuels and sequesters carbon in the soil by addition of organic matter. It prevents contamination of soil, air, and water with chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Organic farms, gardens and landscapes are alive with biological diversity. 

Eating organic food supports and safeguards good health. Organic standards do not allow the use of pesticides, antibiotics, irradiation, growth hormones, sludge or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Studies have shown these practices may cause disease, chronic health problems, or have unknown effects on the human body. Pregnant women, infants and children are especially vulnerable. 

Buying local and organic ensures the continuation of the family farm. In this day of industrial farming, with increasing food safety concerns, it is important for us to know from where our food comes. Buying local, organic and in season helps to build and sustain strong community-based food systems. Small farms can raise a wider variety of crops, including heirloom varieties, as well as livestock breeds, further enhancing the diversity and security of our food supply. 

Organic agriculture builds healthy soil. Depletion of valuable topsoil is taking place at an alarming rate, due to chemicals, mono-cropping and other practices of industrial agriculture. Organic agriculture creates and sustains soils rich in organic matter, micro-nutrients and minerals, ensuring a food supply that is safe, healthy and nutritious for generations to come.

Buying local and organic improves our economy through job creation and food security. Our community gains greater food security by growing the food that is consumed and it keeps the food dollars in the local community. You can support local farms and also save money by buying locally through community supported agriculture (CSA).

Organic food provides superior nutrition. Nutrient-dense foods, superior in flavor, are produced from nutrient-rich, living soil—soil cultivated with organic practices. For more information on scientific studies documenting the superior nutrition of organic food, visit the National Organic Coalition at www.nationalorganiccoalition.org