32nd Annual Winter Conference

The Future of New Jersey’s Food System.

January 29-30, 2022 Saturday and Sunday

Conference Schedule

Winter Conference Saturday Schedule
Winter Conference Sunday Schedule

Day 1 Speakers

Nagisa Manabe

NOFA-NJ Executive Director, Nagisa will share a brief update regarding the Organic Market in the USA, post-pandemic and share some reflections about the opportunities for New Jersey Organic Farmers.

Jim Riddle

Jim will offer his insights on the true meaning of organic, how it is being undermined, and what can be done to protect organic integrity.

Winona LaDuke

Keynote Presentation: Winona LaDuke is a Harvard-educated economist, environmental activist, author, hemp farmer, grandmother, and a two-time former Green Party Vice President candidate with Ralph Nader. LaDuke will explore climate change and the national global warming crisis. 

Garrett Grady-Lovelace

Garrett will speak about her upcoming book, The Power of Seeds & Politics of Agricultural Biodiversity, soon to be published by with M.I.T. Press.

Heron Breen, Fedco Seeds

Develop and Establish a collaborative NOFA-wide on-farm trial network which is steered directly by the NOFAs and their member farmers/gardeners. Regional researchers, breeders, and seed companies can play roles in training, partnership, and guidance, but the program would be farmer & NOFA centric in leadership and focus.

Karen Washington

Karen of Rise & Root Farm will speak about Nourishing Cities in a changing climate.

Raj Patel

Raj will speak about his latest book, co-authored with Rupa Marya, entitled: Inflamed: Deep Medicine and the Anatomy of Injustice.

Kate Jacoby & Rich Landau – Vedge Restaurant

Vedge has been offering a modern plant based dining experience inspired by local seasonal vegetables and global flavors.  Housed in the historic Tiger Building in Center City Philadelphia, the elegant brownstone home has been an intimate setting for Vedges inventive vegetable cooking.

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Day 2 Speakers

Eric Toenmeier

Agroforestry with trees and annual crops: half day workshop. 

Meghan Giroux

Agroforestry with trees and annual crops: half day workshop.

Charles West

Charles will share a brief introduction to two native North American fruit-producing trees with excellent commercial potential: The North American Pawpaw and the American Persimmon. 

Tom Molnar


Mark Canright

Organic Orcharding

Nate Kleinman

Beach Plum Prunus Maritima

Lee Reich

Bramble Fruit and Pruning Fruit Trees