American Seed Heroes: Stories of Seed Keepers and Plant Breeders

In this workshop, Experimental Farm Network co-founder Nate Kleinman will share stories of some of the unsung heroes of the small-scale seed movement, which is so critical to the success of the organic farming movement in the United States. Nate will focus mainly on people who are still working today, many of whom are potential sources for seeds for your farm or garden, and he will also discuss seed varieties (both heirloom and more recently developed) of particular interest. Basics of seed-saving and plant breeding will also be included. Some of the individuals who will be discussed include Ira Wallace, Rowen White, Frank Morton, Carol Deppe, Alan Kapuler, Ken Greene, William Woys Weaver, Eli Rogosa, Owen Taylor, Sylvia Davatz, Chris Homanics, Joseph Lofthouse, Kris Hubbard, and Lisa Bloodnick.