Grain by Grain: Reviving Diverse Grains, Rural Jobs, and Healthy Food

When Bob Quinn came home to his family wheat and cattle farm in 1978, it was clear to him that selling commodity grain was a losing game. Determined to stay on his farm, he started direct marketing instead, building a flour mill to add value to his grain, and selling to whole grain bakers who paid a premium for quality. In 1986, he began converting his farm to organic, and later that decade, he started experimenting with planting ancient grains. Looking back on over three decades of building an organic farm and organic businesses, Bob tells the hopeful story of how regenerative organic agriculture is helping to rebuild his struggling rural community, while fostering healthy soils and healthy diets. Along the way, he delves into controversies about glyphosate, gluten, and more, demonstrating how regenerative organic agriculture can address multiple social and environmental challenges at their roots. Co-presented with co-author Liz Carlisle.