Food Forests, Water Harvesting and More!

A food forest (or “edible forest garden”) is a low-maintenance gardening technique that mimics a woodland ecosystem but substitutes woodland species with edible trees, shrubs, perennial vegetables, herbs, vines, and annuals. Designed correctly, a food forest is sustainable, resilient, builds healthy soil, sequesters carbon, stores rainwater, and provides habitat for wildlife--all while producing a cornucopia of food. Understanding and implementing just a few simple water harvesting techniques such as swales on contour, hugelkultur beds, and rain gardens can improve the way water moves through your landscape and how effectively your plants are able to use it. Learn which designs best fit your land, how they are created, and how to make them look good. Whether you have a little patch of backyard or a huge property to work with, the principles you learn will help make your land more diverse, productive, and ecologically friendly than ever before.