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Soil Carbon Sequestration

Go Organic,

there is no planet B

Soil carbon sequestration is the #1 tool for fighting climate change

Nutrient dense
& soil-based for a healthy you

We fight

for animal welfare

Sourcing locally is the best way to know that your food has been humanely produced

April 20 Partner Event: Pet Food Justice Conference

On April 20, join partner organizations and a panel of top speakers discussing raw pet foods.


April 27: Spring Seed Workshop

This workshop will cover best practices of SEED STARTING, along with the basics of proper SEED SAVING.


April 24: EcoCinema Cafe Film Festival at DelVal

On April 24, join partner organizations EEF and Delaware Valley University for film screenings and discussions at DelVal.


May 2: Composting Talk in Mendham Township

Learn about compost and composting methods in the garden, on the farm, and inside your home!


May 4: Meat Goat Husbandry Workshop

Learn about meat goat husbandry and sustainable farm design at Sweet Sourland Farm in Hopewell, NJ.


May 4 Partner Event on Managing Food Waste

Join the Princeton Environmental Commission and local organizations to learn about managing food waste.


May 5: Spring Pawpaw Propagation Workshop

Learn some basic plant propagation techniques specifically applicable to the North American Pawpaw.


May 14 Book Club: Unsavory Truth

America’s leading nutritionist, Marion Nestle, exposes how the food industry corrupts scientific research for profit.


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