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Soil carbon sequestration is the #1 tool for fighting climate change

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for animal welfare

Sourcing locally is the best way to know that your food has been humanely produced

Upcoming Events

Film Screening

Join NOFA-NJ and Grow for Giving at Princeton Community Church at a Film Screening of The Organic Life on September 26 in Pennington.  Meet local farmers who will be in attendance!


Hand Tool Use and Maintenance

Learn effective use and proper maintenance for helpful hand tools for small-scale farming and gardening, such as the broadfork, the wheel hoe, the scythe, and more.


Pawpaw Tasting and Farm Tour

Taste and learn how to grow the delicious pawpaw, a fruit native to the Northeastern US that is resistant to pests and diseases and produces delicious sweet fall fruit with veteran farmer and botanist Charlie West, PhD.


Berry Production and Pruning at Pitspone Farm

On October 18, visit Pitspone Farm in Kendall Park to learn about berry production, fall pruning, and small farm business models.


NOFA-NJ Winter Conference 2018

Saturday-Sunday, January 27-28, 2018

Locations: Rutgers Douglass Student Center
Keynote: Mark Shepard (author, Restoration Agriculture)

Pre-Conference: OARS 2018
Organic Farming Research Foundation’s Organic Agriculture Research Symposium
Friday, January 26, 2018


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