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We’re not just for farmers! Come join us
for one of our many courses designed for the home gardener

Soil Carbon Sequestration

Go Organic,

there is no planet B

Soil carbon sequestration is the #1 tool for fighting climate change

Nutrient dense
& soil-based for a healthy you

We fight

for animal welfare

Sourcing locally is the best way to know that your food has been humanely produced

Dec 6: Examining an Agricultural Nation′s Nature

Please join NOFA-NJ for this special exhibit at the Princeton University Art Museum as part of the Being Human Festival.


Jan 8 Book Club: The Green Amendment

Please join NOFA-NJ and Brick Farm Market for a discussion of The Green Amendment, by Maya K. van Rossum.


Dec 11 Book Club: The Hidden Half of Nature

Please join NOFA-NJ and Brick Farm Market for a discussion of The Hidden Half of Nature by David Montgomery and Anne Bikle.


Jan 26-27: 2019 Winter Conference!

Please join NOFA-NJ for our 29th annual Winter Conference. There is an incredible lineup of speakers!


2019 Winter Conference Registration Is Open!

Do you care about the Earth like we do? Get involved!

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