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Go Organic today,

save the world tomorrow!

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We’re not just for farmers! Come join us
for one of our many courses designed for the home gardener

Go Organic,

there is no planet B

Soil carbon sequestration is the #1 tool for fighting climate change

Nutrient dense
& soil-based for a healthy you

We fight

for animal welfare

Sourcing locally is the best way to know that your food has been humanely produced

Film: Farmers for America

Please join us March 8 in Hopewell for a screening of Farmers for America with the Director, Graham Meriwether.


Exploring the Small Farm Dream

Learn what it takes to get a small farm off the ground from Jess Niederer, recipient of the 2016 National Outstanding Young Farmer Award.


NOFA-NJ 2018 Annual Meeting

Please join us for NOFA-NJ’s 2018 Annual meeting, Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at the Duke Farms Orientation Center. Pre-registration required.  Free event.


Organic Gardening Course

Taught by Al Johnson, NOFA-NJ Vice President, Organic Gardening Course for Food Production will take place on March 31.


Thank you, everyone, for making WC18 unforgettable!

Do you care about the Earth like we do? Get involved!

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