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NOFA NJ’s programs connect NJ farmers & growers to resources throughout the Garden State. Our programs provide mentorship opportunities, educational workshops, and community-building events to improve the resiliency of the local food system. We work hand-in-hand with local, regional, and national partners to support farms, gardens, and food businesses of all types.

Farmer Mentorship

NOFA NJ JourneyPerson Program The NOFA NJ JourneyPerson program is designed to fill the gap between apprenticeship and independent farmer. By providing support, resources and opportunities to new farmers who have completed an apprenticeship or have farmed at least two years, we hope to further develop the skills they need to farm independently and successfully. MORE INFO

USDA TOPP Farm Mentorship Program The Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Regional Partnership for Organic Transition is a coalition of organizations providing technical assistance and wrap-around support for transitioning and existing organic farmers. MORE INFO

Exploring the Small Farm Dream

Is a career in agriculture right for you? The course’s goal is to help aspiring farmers learn what it will require to start and manage their own profitable agricultural enterprise. Participants explore current opportunities in small-scale agriculture, explore objectives, assess personal skills and financial resources, conduct preliminary market research, and develop an action plan for pursuing their interests in food and farming. 

Bulk Order Program

NOFA NJ coordinates bulk order purchasing and distribution of supplies, reducing costs for our member farmers and gardeners. Products include common farm necessities such as compost, potting soil, chicken feed, fertilizer, and more. 

Farm Tours & Workshops

NOFA-NJ Farm Tours & Workshops are designed to give the community a ‘behind the scenes’ look at how food is produced on farms in their region. The tours are also a celebration of the bounty and diversity of the food products our farmers are growing and selling across the Garden State. 

Monthly Organic Open House

Monthly Organic Open Houses are designed to offer an open, informal space for the community to gather, share knowledge and resources, solicit advice and suggestions from fellow farmers, and discuss relevant news and community updates. The open houses also serve to support NOFA NJ JourneyPerson Program throughout the season as an opportunity for JourneyPersons and their Farmer-Mentors to check in and share their experiences with the NOFA NJ community. 

Technical Assistance Open Meetings

NOFA NJ offers a weekly technical assistance open meeting, where our Technical Assistance Coordinator can work directly with community members to offer support and find solutions for your farm’s needs. These TA meetings will be held at 9AM each Wednesday, and the last Wednesday of each month will remain the Monthly Organic Open House meeting. Email TA@NOFANJ.ORG with specific technical assistance needs to learn more. 

Veteran Farmers of New Jersey

In 2023, NOFA NJ established an initiative to engage and support Veterans interested in agriculture & food systems, offering community building, networking, technical support, educational opportunities & more. MORE INFO

Current USDA Projects

USDA Transition to Organic Partnership Program The Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Regional Partnership for Organic Transition is a coalition of organizations providing technical assistance and wrap-around support for transitioning and existing organic farmers. NOFA NJ is the NJ state lead, working with regional lead organization Pennsylvania Certified Organic (PCO). MORE INFO

USDA Increasing Land, Capital, and Market Access Program NOFA NJ is partnering with Rutgers University and NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife to assist with the transition of Wildlife Management Areas to Organic management practices. This project will fund education, technical support, land access, and market development, collaborating with 20+ state & regional partners with a focus on historically underserved producers and organic grain & indigenous crops.

USDA Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities NOFA NJ is serving as the NJ state lead partner on Pasa Sustainable Agriculture’s $55M project, serving thousands of farmers from Maine to South Carolina. The project will include soil health and financial benchmark community science projects; peer-to-peer learning and support; expanded implementation of climate-smart practices; carbon benefits calculation and verification; and income stream innovations that result in increased sales from farms and forest lands that use and promote climate-smart practices. MORE INFO

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