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The Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) has supported, promoted, and advocated for organic farming throughout the Northeast for over 50 years. NOFA NJ is one of seven NOFA Chapters and has been supporting organic farming and food systems since 1985.

Focusing on education, technical assistance, advocacy, and building community, NOFA NJ’s work is more important than ever. Growing the next generation of farmers, helping to conserve our natural resources, and ensuring equitable and healthy food acccess throughout New Jersey are just a few of the many goals we work hard to achieve.

Each year, NOFA-NJ offers a variety of educational courses, workshops, farm tours and community gatherings, as well as an Annual Winter Conference, the largest Organic farming event in the Garden State.

Organic Future Fund

You can foster a healthy Organic Future with your donations.  NOFA-NJ is grateful for any contribution, however large or small; simply click on the donate buttons on this page to contribute. If you are unable to contribute financially, we would be thrilled for you to share our organization and mission with your network or to share items in our press kit on social media and throughout your community.

Further, NOFA-NJ is pleased to share the Organic Future Fund, our effort to create financial security and to ensure support for Organic food systems in perpetuity.

 Thank You for your Support!