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Jessica Niederer New Jersey Organic Farming

Loving and Cooking with Your CSA with Comeback Farm and Cabbage Throw Farm!

May 13, 2021, 6-7:15pm

NOFA-NJ, The Suppers Program and Jammin’ Crepes are pleased to announce that every month on the second Thursday evening from April through September, we will offer an introduction to an NJ Organic Farm & its farmers, learn about their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program, and cook from their Farm Share. The cooking class will be taught by Kim Rizk, NOFA-NJ Treasurer and Board member, and a co-owner of Jammin’ Crepes, a Princeton restaurant that is a celebration of our local, regional farms wrapped in a crêpe with an ever-changing menu that highlights the very best local ingredients at their peak of freshness. Tony Kennette will be filming our local farms and interviewing farmers. Kim will be preparing recipes that come from farm shares ad will inspire us to cook and eat more local organic. This month, learn about Farmer Mark Canright of Comback Farm and Farmers Dean and Emily Buttacavoli of Cabbage Throw Farm

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Jessica Niederer New Jersey Organic Farming

Organic Gardening

Taught by Al Johnson and Tomia MacQueen of NOFA-NJ and Arianna Lindberg,  Instructor of Rutgers, Landscape Architecture, Translation by Kathia Ramirez of CATA. Generously sponsored by Drumthwacket Foundation and hosted at the Drumthwacket Governor’s Mansion. Click here to register for the WHOLE series! (Six Session Series)

  • April 20th Making Raised Beds & Soil Blocks and Growing Transplants, Soil & Bed Preparation, Site & Water Considerations
  • May 18th Early Crops – Planting Schedule, Direct Seeding and Transplants
  • June 22nd Soil Fertility and Fencing Primer
  • July 20th Pest Controls
  • August 17th Extending the Garden into the Fall
  • September 21st Small Fruit Primer
To support community gardens in Newark, Trenton, Atlantic City and Glassboro, through the Bullock Gardens Project, CATA, CROPS of Atlantic City, Isles of Trenton, the Newark Conservancy, please consider making a donation. Only $50 will support a family garden in one of these cities.


Growing in the Garden State

Growing in the Garden State

For those who have not heard about our special 2021 project, "Growing in the Garden State," we share this post so you can learn about it and get involved.  We have assembled generous organic farms, skilled vegetable gardeners to share their gardening know-how and...

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Our Goals


Support NJ Organic Farmers by providing technical advice, educational opportunities and social engagement to build community.


Connect our Food Community for the Entire Organic Eco System – Restaurants, Consumers, Farmers, Stores, Markets Businesses, Educators – Urban, Suburban and Rural


Advocate for Organic Certification and Support Organic Management Practices. 



Build the Local Organic Food System, Primarily Nurturing Farms, and Secondarily All Growers, so NJ can provide food for NJ.


Advocate for Policy that Supports Organic Farming 

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We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.

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