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Do you have a program that needs the input of superb expertise and experience in all things organic foods? Or maybe you have a property/grounds/lands/estate that needs ecologically beneficial management, while preserving or enhancing its aesthetics and functions? Perhaps you are looking for someone who can engage with peoples of all walks of life with enthusiasm and inspiration? Maybe you want someone who can perform a little of everything above and can simultaneously function mechanically and craftful. I offer all of the above and much more, fueled by a unique lifetime of work experiences, 10 years of which were spent immersed in farming and landscaping positions, utilizing leading and cutting edge of sustainability, organic and regenerative practices. Some of the working knowledge acquired is: -Year round row crop and Hightunnel production, cultivationm, harvesting and packing of annual crops, as well as the curing and cellaring of fall storage crops. -Raising and grazing livestock with regenerative practices, that improve the soil, vegetation and the livestock. This includes the utilization of temporary and permanent fencing, and grazing plot management. -Planting, Cultivating, pruning and general care of fruit and nut orchards and other perennials (berries, asparagus, grapes and kiwi berries) -Training and Management of Volunteers and Interns. Engaging them with their work in meaningful inspirational ways that lead to robust productivity and enjoyment. -Infrastructure maintenance and development, such as roads, swales, and fencing. -PTO enabled tractor experience. -Whole and Direct Sales management at markets, on farm, and through food hubs. -Ground and Estate keeping utilizing ecologically minded gardening and landscaping practices with an eye for the aesthetic. -Light construction, such as coops, chicken tractors, gables, walk in coolers, cob ovens, raised beds, etc. -Residential counseling of mentally handicapped and mentally ill. -Various experiences in the Restaurant and Catering Services as Server and Cook. To Boot, I hail from a rich interculural childhood in Europe, endowing me fluently bilingual in German and English, and a great respect and understanding for the diversity of cultures and world views. I capped my education with a dual Major in the Bachelor of Arts of Philosophy and Ceramic arts, presented by Juniata College (Huntingdon, PA) 2011. What I am seeking is a full time employment that offers an empowering salary and the possibility for a lifetime career. I am open to relocating if there are initial housing options. If all of this reads to good to be true, contact me! I would be more than glad to answer any questions and I look forward to your inquiry. kindly and respectfully, Roy R. Holm 570 647 9040 305 Cadwalder Road Honesdale, Pa 18431