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Cherry Valley Cooperative is looking to finish staffing its 2019 crew. Our farm has several agricultural businesses operating cooperatively on a beautiful 100 acre farm in Princeton, NJ and there are various opportunities available: Vegetable Crew (12 acres of vegetable production for a 200 member CSA, wholesale, and on-site retail distribution) Berry Crew (1 acre of strawberries, + .5 acre of raspberries and blackberries Livestock Crew ( 60 Sheep/Lambs rotated on pasture) Egg production (300 layers) Meat bird production (100 birds) Shiitake Mushroom Operation (1000 Innoculated Mushroom logs) Medicinal Herb garden Meadow/native pollinator habitats Wetland/woodland conservation & management Educational programming Event planning & a whole lot more! for more details contact Alec Gioseffi or Lauren Nagy for information visit our website at or on facebook at or Instagram at