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Pennington Distribution Manager

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Honey Brook Organic Farm in Chesterfield & Pennington, NJ, is one of the largest and oldest organic vegetable crop farms in the Northeast, with 120 acres in production for a 3100+ member CSA. We offer a diverse job experience in a farming operation continuing to expand its crop offerings and production technologies. Honey Brook Organic Farm is a model of sustainable, profitable farming with a wealth of valuable experience to share with employees. The goal of Distribution Manager: Ensure the safe and efficient operation of the Pennington Distribution Center and Box Packing area, by coordinating with Field Manager, Farm Manager and Office Manager. Help create a pleasant environment for both the members and staff. Responsibilities: Pennington Distribution Center - Hire Distribution Center attendants to cover all shifts (Pennington Distribution Center is staffed 7 days/week). Coordinate days off/vacations, etc. with all Distribution Center staff and prepare and distribute weekly schedule. Train the attendants. “Pick-Your-Own Crops” Harvest Management Check the status of crop availability with field manager & update members regarding availability/quantity/location of crops Special Events- Assist in the coordination of special events, including food demos and talks. Box Packing Management Four days/week (Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday), oversee efficient packing by specialized staff of Boxed Share boxes. Perform regular quality control checks of produce. Schedule staff to cover all four day/week shifts. This position is a full-time, seasonal position with the possibility of part-time winter hours. The hours and days/per week are: Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, 8am-5pm (or as needed) with at least a ½ hour daily lunch break, from mid-August to the end of November. Job Type: Part-time Salary: $15.00 /hour