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RE: MORRIS COUNTY: Lincoln Park: Block 3, Lot 22, AKA “77 Orchard Drive;” Montville: Block 31.1, Lot 3 AKA “Glenview Rear” This 15.46 Acre farm property has been maintained organically and without use of heavy equipment since purchased in 1973. (Farmland Taxes were established and maintained from 1986 through 2016). The property shares boundaries with back lots on Orchard Drive, Glenview Road and Old Jacksonville Road (East Indian Trail). Abutting land along the whole Eastern boundary is owned by Morris County reserved in Green Acres, measuring 217 acres, convenient for roaming, foraging or getting lost. (Hunting on public lands has been permitted, with an abundance of deer, wild turkeys and an occasional pheasant). Along a part of the Northern boundary, the Borough of Lincoln Park owns a 7.5 Acre lot registered as open space (ROSI); this property is also available for sale WITH my property. Rights to replace the pre-existing house are guaranteed (and an additional house could be built) using a private well and septic field (or composting toilets), and the present fourteen (14) foot wide driveway, either paved or graveled. Subdivision with public water and sewer (from Glenview Road, Montville) would require purchase of a 1/2 acre Glenview Road, Montville property (available for sale), or another Orchard Drive property (also available for sale). That property is owned by an LLC (purchased in 2016 for $285,000). It is recommended that a portion of the property be maintained in agricultural/horticultural use with Farmland Tax advantage (annual $300 year vs. $20,000), by retrofitting a pre-existing structure as a multiple story farm-manager’s cottage (24 x 48 feet), ensuring continuing Organic Farming with pastured-organic livestock, plants and crops enjoys possible outlets in Towaco (with light rail and bus); the Village Market and Rails Steak House are also within two miles, Property development is recommended by the 2016 Borough Ordinance. With possible creative financing,the property is offered at a reasonable price, with a small down payment, taxes and payout terms, OR consider a 'rent-to-own' arrangement: a farmer would restores farm-taxes and pay a small down payment and taxes. All reasonable offers and creative arrangements are invited.