Distribution Manager, Pennington NJ

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Honey Brook Organic Farm is one of the largest and oldest certified organic produce crop farms in the Northeast, with 120 acres in production for a 3300+ member CSA. We offer a diverse job experience in a farming operation continuing to expand its crop offerings and production technologies. Honey Brook Organic Farm is a model of sustainable, profitable farming with a wealth of valuable experience to share with employees. Goal of Distribution Manager: Ensure the safe and efficient operation of the Pennington Distribution Center and Box Packing area, by coordinating with Field Manager, Farm Manager and Membership Coordinator. Help create a pleasant environment for both the members and staff. Responsibilities: Pennington Distribution Center - - Hire Distribution Center attendants to cover all shifts (Pennington Distribution Center is staffed 6 days/week). - Coordinate days off/vacations, etc. with all Distribution Center staff and prepare and distribute weekly schedule. - Train the attendants. “Pick-Your-Own Crops” Harvest Management - Check the status of crop availability with field manager, make sure fields are properly cultivated & update members regarding availability/quantity/location of crops by using signs, emails, etc. Special Events - Assist in the coordination of Special Events, including food demos, workshops, retail farmers’ market and talks. Box Packing Management - Five days/week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday), oversee efficient packing by specialized staff of Boxed Share boxes. - Perform regular quality control checks of produce. - Schedule staff to cover all five day/week shifts. This position is a full-time, seasonal position. The hours and days/per week are: Monday (9am-4pm), & Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (8am-5pm or as needed) with at least a ½ hour daily lunch break, from June to the end of November. Accrued sick time pay and one “Individual” share of produce included as part of compensation package. Shared housing may be available. Send resume to: or Honey Brook Organic Farm, PO Box 1096, Pennington, NJ 08534