Part time worker needed at Cherry Valley Cooperati

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Cherry Valley cooperative at 619 Cherry Valley Road has opportunities for full and part time worker for perennial production, infrastructure maintenance and landscaping. Perennial production responsibilities vary from day to day but would include, weeding, harvesting, trellising and planting. Would require two to three days per week. Benefits include all you can eat berries! Education on perennials and land management. Workers will be paid by the hour, reach out for more information. Infrastructure and landscaping responsibilities would be to help create and maintain farm roads, finding creative uses of negative spaces on the farm where annual vegetables cannot be grown and animals cannot be on pasture (hedgerows, wet spots etc) management of our 2.5 acre pond and small construction projects. Benefits would include education and training in use of various farm tools and equipment, a better understanding of land management and to be paid by the hour. Contact for Vishal Pathak for more information: