Bookkeeping and Payroll Services

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Remote bookkeeping and payroll services. I’ve been a bookkeeper in the restaurant industry for far too long and am growing weary of mass-produced food. I’d like to work for some folks that are a little more in touch with what we eat. I live in Flemington and would be happy to meet and go over your needs and put a price together. I don’t charge much and I’ll even trade services for product. Temporary/seasonal work is fine if you just want help during the growing season or need a second set of eyes. I can provide the following: Customer invoicing and accounts receivable Accounts payable and cash flow management Bank reconciliations Sales tax filing for farmers market booths or food trucks Payroll administration Cost of Goods Sold tracking so you can identify your most profitable items Inventory management I can also build out and manage an online store for you to reach more customers. Have them come to you instead of racing around to farmers markets all weekend. Thanks and have a fruitful season. Sean - 201.916.0123