Chicken Educator for Community Garden

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The Clinton Township Organic Community Garden is so very excited to be adding chickens to our garden! We will be welcoming our flock of 11 to the garden when their newly built coop/enclosed run arrives over the weekend. Admittedly, none of us really know the best practices for caring for chickens and we could use the guidance of someone with experience to teach us things like how to watch for health concerns, how to properly feed (such as how much garden scrap is ok versus how much feed and what type), how to keep healthy with organic supplements (such as apple cider vinegar or oregano, etc.), keeping them safe and warm in the winter, keeping them clean, and anything else that we just haven’t even thought of yet. The chickens have been raised by me at my home since day old chicks and it’s been a wonderful and easy experience, however, introducing them to an outdoor setting brings new challenges. An additional challenge will be ensuring that the animals have guaranteed daily care since the work load will be shared by a group, rather than an individual. All ideas are welcome! The right educator will be experienced and willing to volunteer their time to help us be great chicken keepers! It may only take one visit to the garden to teach us, but we will leave that up to your discretion. Thank you for your consideration!