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Farm Apprentice Wanted (Paid)

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We are looking for 2 apprentices to be an integral part of our farm team on a new and exciting vegetable/livestock farm located outside Princeton, NJ. Apprentices will be involved in all aspects of the farm operation from greenhouse transplant propagation, irrigation set up and application, field preparation, transplanting, seeding, hand and mechanical weed control, crop care and maintenance, cover cropping, vegetable and cut flower harvesting and post-harvest techniques such as washing, cold storage, packing, and delivering. We will also involve apprentices in all aspects of raising pasture based livestock. Apprentices will help manage animal impact on the land through the rotation of multiple species throughout our 60+ acres of pasture using portable electric fencing. Apprentices will work M-F, averaging 40 hrs./week, shorter workdays in Spring and Fall and slightly longer days in the height of summer. Apprentices will occasionally help on weekends with irrigation and animal chores. Apprentices will have the opportunity to take on greater responsibility if they are willing and appropriate ability is shown. This could involve managing greenhouse operations, managing laying hen or pig pasture rotations, managing pig farrowing/weaning, managing crop irrigation schedules and methods, or managing mechanical weed control operations. This will be a challenging position yet highly rewarding. As we are a growing farm, apprentices who demonstrate an adept farming talent may be offered management positions or permanent employment. We take a hands on, learn by doing approach. Apprentices will be fully involved in all farm tasks and we firmly believe that its the best way to learn the ins and outs of running a small farm. We are located in a vibrant farming area and there are many like minded small farms nearby. We will periodically take the time to visit other local farms to see different methods and systems at work. Farming experience preferred, but not required. We are willing to train someone with no prior experience if they can demonstrate they have the necessary skills to thrive in a physically and emotionally stressful occupation. Applicants must have the ability to move their bodies dynamically, work with a sense of urgency, do frequent heavy lifting, be open minded and receptive to critique, and be able keep a positive attitude when working in all weather conditions. We want applicants that are serious and excited about farming as a career. We prefer someone who is willing to challenge them self, not into complaining, has the ability to think outside the box, and not fold under pressure. If you think this is a position you may be interested in please email for more information or to apply. Calls or text accepted as well. 530-721-7035. Please check our social media pages: @greenflashfarm for more info