Vegetable Grower Apprenticeship

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Our vegetable grower apprenticeship is ideal for an individual with growing experience looking to take on responsibility making the day-to-day decisions for our cafe garden. Duties will include starting transplants in the greenhouse, planting, weeding, irrigation, pest and disease management, and harvesting. The apprentice will need to work independently and be self-motivated, but will have support from the other sustainable agriculture staff members as well as volunteers. Responsibilities will also include caring for pastured layer hens and may include assisting with other aspects of the farm such as rotational grazing (beef cattle), hay production, composting and a small herd of goats for brush clearing. Includes salary, housing and benefits. Two year position with annual review. Must have valid drivers license. To apply send resume with cover letter to Include your last name followed by “Sustainable Agriculture Apprentice” in the subject line.