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Mort Brooks Memorial Farm/Awbury, Field Manager Job Title: Weavers Way Farms Field Manager Purpose: To oversee farm operations and implement the seeding, planting and harvest plans for the 2 acre Mort Brooks Memorial farm at the Awbury Arboretum. These seasonal plans are provided by, or created with, the Farm Manager. This position is ideal for someone with a few years of farming experience, who is looking to gain experience managing a community-centric, urban, production farm, with the mentorship and support of a Farm Manager. Duties/Responsibilities: The field manager is responsible for day to day farm operation and maintenance, including crop, site and tool/equipment maintenance. Basic tasks include preparing beds, planting, watering, and harvesting, as well as amending the soil, weeding, thinning, and pest and disease prevention and control. Field manager is expected to communicate and coordinate as necessary with Education Coordinator for that site. Field manager and Education Coordinator share farm space and some tools and equipment. Field manager is expected to communicate with neighboring partners on site, and Awbury Arboretum about daily or immediate concerns, such as locking gates, shared spaces, etc. Field manager is also responsible for supervising volunteers on a daily basis. Field manager also is also responsible for coordinating and guiding field assistants while the farm manager is off site. Specific to the Mort Brooks site, this position is responsible for maintaining the greenhouse on site. This entails ensuring the watering, heating and ventilation systems are working properly; managing weeds, monitoring for pests/disease and maintaining greenhouse supplies in an organized fashion, and seeding the transplants for both farm sites. This position may be required to help with large harvests or large projects at our other farm, Henry Got Crops, on an as-needed basis; as is the Henry Got Crops Field Manager for the Mort Brooks site. Field manager may also be asked to assist with the on-site farm market at Henry Got Crops. Field manager is expected to use and maintain walk behind tractor, riding tractor, mowers and weed whackers. Training will be provided. Administrative tasks include: Farm record keeping, such as filling out time sheets, tracking volunteer hours, writing in log book, completing invoices, logging harvest pounds, and submitting receipts for expense reimbursements or mileage reimbursements. Minimum Qualifications: Two full seasons of farming. A valid driver’s license. Physical Requirements and Time Line Commitment: Field manager is expected to commit to a minimum of one growing season, from March through December, with a preferred commitment of multiple seasons. You should be able to work under adverse conditions (heat, humidity, cold, rain) and be able to lift 50 lbs, preferably at the same time. Skills/Attributes: Must have a good sense of humor, strong work ethic and willingness to get dirty as well as an ability and desire to work with and supervise volunteers of all ages and abilities. Prior experience with equipment such as tractors, walk behind tractors, mowers and weed whackers is a benefit, but not required. Living near the farm is strongly recommended, although not required. Hours: Hours and days are dictated by the ebbs and flows of the season. Field manager is expected to work an average of 6 days a week during the growing season, averaging 60-65 hrs per week. More/less hours per week and days per week might be necessary during the slower/busier times of the season. Weekend days are expected during the growing season for field work, watering or special events. Paid time off during the winter is provided for field managers that return for the next season; typically this is the month of January, although winter time off is decided year to year based on the winter work load. Compensation/Benefits: This is a full time, salaried, year round position, eligible for the co-op’s health insurance and dental plans. Farm staff are welcome to have produce from the farms, and receive a staff discount and working member discount of 15% at Weavers Way Coop. Reports to: Farm Department Head/Farm Manager To Apply: Deadline for applying is midnight December 3rd, 2017. Phone interviews will be held on a rolling basis. In person interviews will be held in early to mid December. To apply, please send resume, cover letter (please indicate which position(s) you are applying for), as well as 3 references to: Nina Berryman at Or by mail: Weavers Way Farms Attn: Nina Berryman 559 Carpenter Lane Philadelphia PA 19119 About Weavers Way Farms: Weavers Way has two farm sites in Northwest Philadelphia, located a few miles apart from one another. The farm sites consist of a 2 acre farm at the Awbury Arboretum (the Mort Brooks Memorial Farm), and a 3 acre farm at Saul High School (the Henry Got Crops farm), as well as a 1.5 acre fruit, nut and berry orchard adjacent to the Henry Got Crops farm at Saul. The farms are a part of Weavers Way Coop, an 8,000 member, community owned market with locations in Mt Airy and Chestnut Hill and Ambler. Both farms offer experience with small scale, diversified, organic farming and the opportunity to develop skills in greenhouse production, season extension, pest management, planting, weeding, harvesting, marketing as well as volunteer management. Each farm grows a unique set of vegetables, none of which are duplicated at the other farm. The harvests of the two farms are coordinated in order to satisfy our existing outlets. Each farm position will focus most of their time at one of the two sites, yet we all work in conjunction with one another, as one team. Produce from the two farms is sold at the three Co-op stores, our Henry Got Crops CSA, our on-site farm market, the cafeteria at Saul High School and occasionally a few restaurants in Northwest Philadelphia as well as. The Henry Got Crops site also hosts the education programs of our affiliated non-profit, Food Moxie. The Henry Got Crops farm is located right on the campus of Saul High School and through the facilitation of Food Moxie, teachers and their classes come to the farm on a regular basis and are involved in the operations of the farm. For more information about Weavers Way and our farms, please visit