Urban Agriculture Coordinator Job Open

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POSITION OVERVIEW: The Urban Agriculture Coordinator supports the successful implementation of projects related to the Isles Garden Support Network, food access, community education, and community beautification. The position includes office/administrative work as well as hands-on work and educational support in Isles-managed gardens and in community and school gardens. Interested candidates should submit cover letter, resume and recent writing sample to Your application materials should demonstrate why you’re a good fit for this position and what specific skills, experience, talents, and interest you’ll bring to the table. RESPONSIBILITIES: - Develop and manage community and/or school gardens - Develop and present garden, food and nutrition related education in a school environment - Promote gardening, nutrition, farm to school, and environmental education through outreach and public workshops - Plan, coordinate, and maintain community beautification projects - Develop opportunities for volunteers and coordinate individual and group volunteer efforts - Develop productive and long-lasting relationships with community and corporate volunteers - Identify sources of funding and assist with writing grants and proposals to successfully obtain funding - Implement gardening, farming and/or horticulture techniques in an urban setting ABOUT ISLES: Founded in 1981, Isles is a nationally recognized nonprofit community development and environmental organization with the mission to foster self-reliant families in healthy, sustainable communities. Each year, Isles reaches thousands of central New Jersey residents with opportunities for at-risk youth job training, affordable housing development, financial literacy training, homeownership counseling, community gardening, environmental health and education, community organizing, and regional planning.