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I have some medical repairs in the near future that will limit my physical abilities and so I am selling my breeders as listed below. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to expand their genetics or just getting started as this will jump start your enterprise. I am looking for a firm $1600 for all three. 1)red wattle x hereford \"Big Ange\" has big litters. Nearly 3 years old she has had two litters, first was 12, second was 16. She is a protective mother and such, not for someone who does not know livestock. 2)Berk A/I with Tamworth due date is 4/27. \"Betty-Boo\" was bottle fed as a baby and comes when called. She has a good disposition and loves to suckle the side of your leg. She has only had 1 litter of ten and gave me some sweet babies that I hated to part with. She too is approaching 3 years of age. 3)Berk x Berk-Ossabaw Island-American Guinea Hog A/I with Tamworth due date is 4/30. Carla, born July 2018, is Betty\'s daughter and without question my favorite. 16 teats and the happiest mother you can imagine. Happy trusting moms bring happy trusting babies. She gave us 10 her first litter. With these hogs I have agreements in place for 8 weaners for $850. I am sure the customers will still be interested in these. I too will be looking to rebuild my stock this spring and am interested in a few. With one transaction your business in heritage hogs is up and running and I seek a very fair $1600 for all three. Single sales can be negotiated. Rich Pignut Farm 908-303-7540